New In World Store

December 14, 2016

The new Ravnous in world store displays most of my over 1000 fashions. You can find my complete inventory on the SL Marketplace. On the main floor I have clothing for mesh bodies, applier add-on bodies and classic bodies, in addition to shoes and my best selling Ravnous Original BoobyKissers and BootyKisser apparel. There is also a row of Lucky Letters  and Lucky Chairs for those wanting free products and willing to wait for them.

On the first floor up are men’s clothes, wedding dresses and accessories, my full inventory of 75 Fat Packs at reduced prices, holiday and special event costumes, the monthly Group Gift vendor and my gift cards.

The Reseller Showroom is on the second floor for those wishing to become a Ravnous Affiliate and resell Ravnous fashions. You can take the full box setup for becoming a Ravnous reseller, join my resellers group and read all about the fabulous 80/20 sales split where you keep 80% of every sale.

Resellers Showroom

October 21, 2016

Ravnous Resellers Group logoThe Ravnous Authorized Resellers group in Second Life has opened a showroom dedicated to her reseller-affiliates. Featuring the top selling 100 Ravnous products on vendors, and presenting the nine different fashion categories, the showroom will appeal to anyone interested in owning their own store or adding Ravnous’s 80/20 vendors to your current store.

With 80% of sales to the reseller and 20% to Ravnous, coupled with aggressive pricing, the possibilities for resellers to do even better in Second Life is greatly enhanced.

The pricing has all of the top selling 100 products priced at either L$199 for complete outfits, or the low everyday price of L$99 for the majority of products. These prices have been very well received on the Ravnous SL Marketplace store with increased unit and dollar sales.

Please use this link to visit the Ravnous Resellers Showroom at my main store. Take the teleporter to the second floor where you will find the showroom.

Ravnous Resellers Affiliate Program

September 28, 2016

reseller_ravWith the best Creator and Affiliate sales split in Second Life, Resellers keep 80% of the sale, and Ravnous gets 20%. I have this 80/20 split for one reason only, I know how hard it is to be a reseller of someone else’s product, and earn enough to pay your rent and have enough left over at the end of the month to go out and buy yourself a nice dress or shirt. It’s not easy being a reseller and I hope that my 80/20 split will help you to pay your way in Second Life.

The complete line of clothing, including the newest items, all my women’s and men’s clothing and over 75 heavily discounted fat packs are in the Ravnous Authorized Reseller package.

You do not have to be an exclusive Ravnous shop. Pick and choose the Ravnous fashions you want to sell and mix my vendors with your other affiliate program vendors to maximize your sales opportunities. I just want you to succeed, that way we both win.

Second Life Marketplace Store


Located on the Internet at the SL Marketplace the Ravnous store has over 1000 women’s’ and men’s fashions. You must login to see all of them, and sort for “newest” to see the recent updates. Established in 2013 for only women’s fashions, Ravnous now have grown to include men’s clothing.

In 2016 Ravnous made the decision to greatly reduce prices by over 50%-70% with most items now selling for L$99 and L$199. The response from our Ravnous Customers group members has been fantastic.